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When financial information of a business entity is communicated to the firm’s managers and shareholders, the process is called as accountancy. The communication which is done in the process of accountancy is in the form of financial statements which depict the economic resources (under money terms) that are in the control of the management. The real test of the process is in selection of information which is reliable and is relevant to the user. The principles of accountancy find their applications in the business entities in three divisions which are accounting, book keeping and auditing. Accounting is being practiced since thousands of years and is the art of recording, classifying, summarizing and interpretation of results of transactions and events that are, in part at least, of financial character. These transactions are expressed in terms of money. The qualifications attained in the field of accounting can open up a series of opportunities for any person in different kinds of human activity. A highly qualified and experienced accountant can easily get top jobs in areas like management, business, industry, financial consulting etc. Thus the course of accounting is very important for individual student.

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Many times the assignments and homework of accounting, assigned by UK universities are quite difficult and students are unable to solve them by their own. In such cases they seek online help offered by qualified and experienced accounting tutors in UK. The online help is available 24x7 through many online tutoring service providers. The tutor help can be attained any time in accounting subject for any topic. The UK tutor service or accounting assignment and homework help service is provided in very reasonable rate and your problem’s solution is given within the deadline or period of submission decided while time of ordering. The presentation of the solutions to the assignment or homework is prepared excellent with original and plagiarism free content.

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The trend of online tutoring is fast developing across the globe and the first online tutoring service was started in the year 1996. Online tutoring is available in various forms which include-

Asynchronous learning- Here the student submits his question and the online tutor responds to the question after some time interval. Therefore it is not essential for the tutor and the learner to be online.

Synchronous learning- Here the student and the teacher are online at the same time on the internet and have a shared interface. VOIP, Video and telephonic communication are used during this teaching process.

The online tutoring process has been found better than even the standard classroom teaching sessions and the students who have opted for the online programs have received better grades in exams than those students who have undertaken classroom teaching. This is because through online tutoring the tutor is able to give one-to-one attention to the student which makes the teaching process very focused and student friendly. The tutor also provides the student help in solving his home works and assignments and can be consulted anytime on the internet. The online tutoring sessions can also be downloaded and reviewed anytime by the student as each teaching session gets recorded and is made available online by the online tutoring websites. The students can therefore revise the lessons anytime and can review and rate his performance. The whiteboard is provided to the student which provides him a one stop resource for all educational needs. The student can also invite his friend to view the online tutoring sessions and can integrate these websites with social media like face book and twitter.

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Expertsmind is a one of nonstop education resource, offers value-added educational services in UK like online tutoring, assignment help, assessments help, homework help etc in almost all academic subjects including accounting courses to the students of different universities from various locations in UK. Expertsmind is capable of serving excellent service with the help of more than 4,600 tutors on different subjects who are available 24/7 at internet. These expert tutors are decorated with higher degrees like Master’s and PhD’s in different subject areas like accounting, management etc. The tutors are trained in specific time intervals which help in revising the old skills and knowledge of the tutors and giving them the knowledge of new developments in their subject areas. Our accounting tutors can solve student’s problems in multiple ways which helps in making the basic fundamental knowledge of the subject. Such knowledge remains with the student throughout his life and career.

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