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Biology – This form of science involves studies of living organisms. It is the way of studying living organisms, examining the origin, composition, growth, distribution, function. It classifies all living things of this planet. The science of Biology is very vast – one can’t even imagine what number of areas this subject covers. Biology has numerous divisions & sub-divisions. A century ago, Biology had its previous name as ‘Natural History’. Biology examines the structure, distribution, origin, growth, evolution, function and classification of all living things in the world.

The major research areas in Biology are – Sequence analysis, Genome annotation, Literature analysis, Computational evolutionary biology, Analysis of regulation, Comparative genomics etc.-etc.

Biology has five unifying principles –

1. Cells - basic of life
2. Genes - basic unit of heredity
3. Evolution - New species and inherited traits are part of it
4. Regulation of internal environment for stable condition by an organism.
5. Energy consumption & transformation by living organisms

Today, a large number of medical journals based on this form of science have been published worldwide. Biology Assessments – The assignment topics in Biology depends on the particular grade level of a student. Different Biology assignment topics are given to school, college & university students. Some usual Biology assignment topics - Birth Defects, Stem cell Research, DNA, Cell Theory, Evolution, Gene theory, Energy, Homeostasis, Acclimatization, Biological Rhythm, Cybernetics, Health & Osmosis etc.-etc.

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