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Chemistry – The subject Chemistry involves dealing with composition, properties and the form of matter. Chemistry is the study of development in matter and the related principles. Chemistry involves chemical compositions, reactions, structures and properties. The atoms act together with other atoms, mostly with the ones having chemical bonds.

Chemistry is an important part of science; it connects Physics with other forms of sciences like geology and biology. Chemistry helps us in many ways to improve our lives & the environment around us. Chemistry helps us get the right knowledge about the mother earth & nature. It helps us know the different kinds of chemical properties and chemical processes & reactions that are very useful to get an insight view of the many kinds of physical and biological observable facts around us.

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The Chemistry assignment topics may vary according to the educational levels, some of the common ones are –

Coordination Compounds, Transition Metal Compounds, Cluster Compounds, Solid State Compounds theoretical & Reaction Pathways, and many more...

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