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Important facts about UK taxation

One of the developed countries which caters to the requirements and satisfaction of its citizens through maintenance of it public utilities with high standards is the United Kingdom. For the maintenance of the country and to meet the requirements of the elderly and needy citizens, there are three types of taxation in vogue in UK. One of it is personal taxes collected from individuals as a result of their professional work capacity and earnings.   The second is in the form of insurance and the third pertains to value added taxes being levied on various consumer goods of high value. 

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There are two types of systems followed in the UK.  One is the financial year and the other the calendar year. Usually companies follow the financial year which begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 the next successive year, while the calendar year is the usual one starting with January and ending in December. Companies and financial institutions are required to adhere to the financial year for the filing of taxes while individuals can opt for the calendar year.

Another form of tax levied is the Corporation Tax which has to be paid by companies operating in the United Kingdom and those having branches in the UK. 

For employees the system of taxation is called PAYE (Pay as You Earn) which focuses on deduction of personal tax and insurance from the income at the source itself which is done by employers. 

Difficulties encountered in UK taxation, or Tax or accounting assignments

A UK student mainly gets puzzled while solving any taxation assignment. The identification of the appropriate taxation period and the type of tax levied in case of individuals and companies, whether it is a UK based concern or foreign companies having its branches in the UK are some of the facts which should be well understood by students embarking on the project of writing assignments for UK taxation. The difficulties may crop up once the students are confused with the type of taxation and the category under which the company, whether a limited liability corporation or a proprietorship concern, may be classified. 

The concept of value added taxes is another arena which may be even more difficult to understand for students as the payment of tax is slab according to the income category and usually paid either quarterly or half yearly. The percentage of contributions towards insurance needs to be clarified well regarding salaried people. The employee is to contribute a fixed percentage while an equal contribution is expected from the employer as well.  The personal income tax is calculated based on the income of people for a particular financial year and it is subtracted from the allowance allowed per person which is usually in the range of £11,000. 

Thus, accurate knowledge on the levying of particular taxes should be present in students to avoid encountering difficulties while writing assignments.  

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The students, who are studying in UK University, have to face many UK tax assignments, UK income tax assessments, Taxation problems and various tax forms submission problems. A student of UK is not usually aware with UK tax rules or, British taxation rules. They have to face many tax related problems which is specifically based on UK tax theories. A student has to submit various tax forms, income tax forms, taxation write-ups, UK tax and laws related assignments, business law and ethics assessments, taxation case studies, Tax/Law theories and written papers. These are not simple as like other assignments. A student has to be clear all tax related rules applied in UK territory. These rules are changed timely and it has to be updated in student's knowledge. To complete this kind of UK taxation or law related assignments, students are usually taking help of online tax tutors. They cannot choose an ordinary accounting tutor from any location, because these cannot be done with random theories of taxation. It has to be applied proper UK tax theories in each UK taxation or tax related assignments. Thus it is mandatory to choose UK tutor who is specialized in taxation or accounting theory of UK.

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