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Engineering is a ubiquitous discipline, also profession of applying scientific, mathematical & technical knowledge in order to design structures, materials, motors, systems, and processes that for a planned invention. Engineering contributes to the improvement of human life at a large scale. The presence of Engineering can be seen everywhere – communications, work, profession, transport, health and entertainment etc-etc.

Engineering is based on the conjunction of science and math for the betterment of our lives. Engineering was discovered in the ancient times. People at that time learned from nature to expand their knowledge about useful things. With time, man expanded his knowledge about science and mathematics, and then the arena of Engineering got more enormous. Engineering is the art that placed the foundation stone for today’s modern society.

Engineering courses or main branches –

Aerospace Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

These different forms of Engineering require different courses of training - each branch has its separate path from the other one.

Engineering Assignment Topics – As there are many different branches of Engineering, so the type of an Engineering assignment depends on the particular branch, a student is enrolled in.

For instance, for students of Electrical Eng., these are some common engineering assignments - Logic Circuits, Electrical Networks, Industrial Electronics, and Electromagnetic etc.

And, for students of Chemical Eng., these are some common engineering assignments - Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer & Fluid Mechanics etc.

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