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In simple terms, finance can be defined as management of funds or money. Modern finance deal with the business activities which include marketing, origination and management of money or cash surrogates by using a variety of instruments, capital accounts and markets that are created in order to used for transacting and trading for assets, risks and liabilities. There is complex system of power relations present within the political economies across the states and different global markets. This complex system conceptualizes structures and regulates finance. The subject of finance can be said to be a combination of science(e.g. measurement) and art(e.g. product development) although the convergence of these activities is tough as there is intense institutional and technical focus which is laid on hedging and measuring the risk return relationships which underlie the shareholder value. There are various networks of financial businesses that are in existence for creating, negotiating, trading and marketing in the increasingly getting complex financial services and products in one’s own or client’s account. The financial performance measures are used to assess the profitability and efficiency of investments, to know how safe the debtor’s claim are against the assets, and to also know whether the derivative instruments will be protecting investors against the variety of market risks.

Knowledge of the finance subject is very essential in the economic world and students having finance majors get placed in government jobs, banks, economic computations, tax accounting etc. A master’s degree in finance can help you advance much faster in your job environment and earn promotions. The subject plays a vital role in day to day life of any person in the modern world and a person with knowledge of finance can create his family’s budget and invest and manage his funds wisely. For the entrepreneurs, the subject knowledge can prove to be a boon as finance gives the ideas required for starting a new business venture.

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