Assignment Topic: Quantity Survey. It's very important to

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Assignment Topic: Quantity Survey

The client, DP Developers, has been in the UK construction business for the past ten years and they are currently investing in a commercial building. As a Professional Quantity Surveyor, you have been engaged to provide independent and impartial advice on the project contract mechanism and administration. A building contract has been signed using the JCT 2016 Standard Building Contract with Quantities (SBC/Q/2016).

Task 1 - The project has been subjected to disruption which has hindered the regular progress of the works for which the contractor is not responsible. Please provide advice on how to prepare a loss and expense claim. Critically evaluate and explain the clauses under the JCT SBC and their implications. Evaluate the potential heads of claims that you consider important upon which to base the claim; clearly explaining what the contractor will seek to recover under each heading.

It's very important to analyse/evaluate the relevant matters in the report. (see clause 4.22 of JCT SBC 2016).

Task 2 - The contractor's quantity surveyor prepared a price statement in accordance with the contract administrator's instruction for the proposed variation number 6. However, the employer's Quantity Surveyor has rejected the costings on the grounds that bill of quantities rates were not utilized throughout.

 a. Advise the client in writing by explaining the situations under which bill rates would be inappropriate for pricing variations.

b. In addition, explain the steps to be taken if they fail to reach an agreement.

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