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ENGT5265 Systems Operations Management - De Montfort University

Assignment - Operations Management Essay

Learning Outcome 1: Provide students with both a solid theoretical background on Operations Management, its main principles, as well as a very practical view of problems and challenges that companies are facing nowadays

Learning Outcome 2: Develop a critical understanding of the main choices (strategic, tactical and operative) an Operations Manager has to make

Project description:

Discuss your potential role as a Systems Operation Manager in improving the performance and productivity of a business of your choice (mainly focusing on engineering-based production or service industry).

Tasks to be undertaken:
Develop a brief report with the following content
1. Present a brief overview of your business (approx. 250 words)
2. Identify the different subsystems of your business and identify at least three challenges and three opportunities offered by each for improving business performance at systems scale (approx. 500 words)
3. Develop the context for Systems operation management (strategic, tactical and operative) in your business
4. Analyse the potential role of each of the following system operation management skills in improving the business performance (approx. 200 words x 5)
• Resource management
• Risk management
• Facilities and Operations management
• Supply chain management/ Procurements
• Quality and Innovation management
5. Summarise your work (approx. 250 words)

Attachment:- Systems Operations Management.rar

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