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You need to prepare Dissertation Research Proposal Report.

The Report must be according to the Harvard Referencing Style

Instructions for assessment

1: Dissertation research proposal (max. 3,000 words)

An MBA/MSc dissertation should report an investigation of a business or management related research question which:
- reflects the strategic management or international focus of the programme;
- is based on current research literature and current concerns;
- contributes to developing business practice and new knowledge.

The dissertation may be linked to a particular organisation to which you have access, but this is not essential. Whilst most dissertations are likely to involve the collection of primary data, any combination of primary and secondary data may be used. Your research proposal must take these requirements into account.

Prepare a research proposal on a theme relevant to the strategic management focus of the programme. The proposal should include detailed research objectives, a literature review and bibliography, research strategy and methods, and an outline of the methods of analysis, using pilot survey or simulated data. The research proposal will be completed by the beginning of the summer term, to allow formal assessment and to carry forward discussion with your supervisor regarding your project.

You should make good use of the learning and development opportunities provide by the Management Research Methods module (particularly the private study undertaken) and the discussion(s) with your appointed supervisor.

Format of the research proposal

Your research proposal should include the following:

- Title
Include a fully descriptive TITLE for the business research to be investigated. The title and scope of the proposal should have a strategic emphasis. This means that the research objectives should include a consideration of how the resolution of the problem affects the future development and direction of the organisation(s) concerned (investigation) and/or of other similar organisations. It may also include wider considerations in terms of sector, geographic or national policy implications.

- Section 1: INTRODUCTION and CONTEXT (ca. 300-500 words)
This sections should introduce the RESEARCH PROBLEM to be investigated; provide an explanation of why the problem is important and/or interesting (including brief references to relevant literature, both academic and business/ professional); provide an explanation of the research context or organisational background, and your access for data collection; provide a discussion of the SPECIFIC RESEARCH OBJECTIVES/QUESTIONS to be investigated.

- Section 2: LITERATURE REVIEW (ca. 800-1,200 words)
Outlining the results of the literature search you have carried out and identifying relevant theory/ theories. This must go beyond textbook material. Extensive use of academic journals is more essential and important for your conceptual framework.
You will already have done this for the first assignment Management Research Methods. You may use some of that material but you need to present it here much more briefly, to avoid exceeding the overall maximum word count.

- Section 3: INVESTIGATIVE APPROACH and METHODS (ca. 800-1,200 words) This should cover the following areas, as appropriate:
1. what data (evidence/ information) you aim to obtain in relation to your research question/
2. what are the sources for such data/ evidence/ information;
3. how you will obtain such data/ evidence/ information;
4. how you will analyse such data/ evidence/ information;
5. your approach to sampling;
6. specific data collection techniques and procedures, including where appropriate draft questionnaire, interview schedule, etc. (put as appendices, not included in word count);
7. brief justification of your choices, expressed in terms of key issues in social research philosophy.
You may use material that you have presented in the second assignment for Management Research Methods but must present much more briefly here.

- Section 4: ETHICAL ISSUES (ca. 100-500 words)
Give a brief discussion of the ethical issues that arise in respect of your proposed investigation.

- Section 5: TIME PLAN and RESOURCES (ca. 100-500 words)
An outline TIME PLAN for carrying out the research (this may be presented in the form of a table or a Gantt chart,) and a brief discussion of the RESOURCES involved. You need to demonstrate that your project is feasible and that you are in a position to manage it effectively.

- Section 6: BIBLIOGRAPHY (not included in word count)
A single list should be given, obeying the standard rules HARVARD REFERENCING STYLE for bibliographical details, including web sites, blogs or other digital materials. Refer to the library resources for more information (NB do not put URL for journal articles accessed via the web but published in print form).

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