LSBM103 - The Business Environment - Write a reflective

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Reflective Account Report

Learning Outcomes

This item of assessment covers the following learning outcomes. For the full list of learning outcomes for the module, please refer to the Module Study Guide.

- Identify and analyse the macro- and micro-environmental influences that affect business organisations today.

- Reflect upon theory on how the forces in the macro environment shape business performance.

- Identify and evaluate strategic tools in the analysis of the internal business environment.

- Communicate central ideas effectively.

- Self-management and self-reflection.

Assessment Details

Only use this brief if you received a G for your first sit opportunity


Word count: 3,000 words, +/- 10% excluding references (see Section 7 below).

Write a reflective essay titled ‘Industry analysis and possible adaptations'.

a. Use the PESTLE model and Porter's 5 Forces model to identify and analyse the recent macro and micro-environmental influences affecting the Airlines subsector in the UK economy.

b. Select a firm in the Airlines subsector in the UK and analyse its internal business environment using the value chain model. You should include possible adaptations to firm's internal environment in response to the external business environment.

c. Based on the task ‘a' above, reflect on the usefulness of the 5 Forces model in developing your understanding of the external business environment for the Airlines subsector.

Assessment guidance

- You will need to follow the website: FTSE Russell (2017) Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB),,

- Download the ‘ICB Structure & Definition' document available under ‘Related Links' towards the bottom of the webpage.

- Within the document, you will find the definition on organisation types under 5000 Consumer Services (5750 Travel & Leisure Sector, 5751 Airlines) on page 4.

- Your reflective essay should conform to the requirements of an academic essay and should contain the following sections:

- Essay title
- Introduction
- Body with relevant sections/paragraphs
- Conclusion / Reflection
- References

- Present your understanding with clear and coherent arguments in the body of your essay -with sections for each point of the task (a, b, and c).

- Use clear sections/paragraphs and include your reflection on the theory and the contextualisation of the relevant subsector.

- Your arguments and explanations should be supported by recent and appropriate credible/academic references.

- You may use appropriate sub-headings for different sections in your essay.

- Use the Harvard referencing system throughout.

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