PA102/PAA106 Financial Accounting Assignment Task -

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Financial Accounting Assignment Task -

You are required to identify six different groups of users of financial statements, ensuring that both the internal and external users are fairly represented. Obtain the latest three consecutive years of the published Income Statement and Balance Sheet for two companies (preferably operating in the same industry) listed on the London Stock Market. These accounts should be uploaded as an appendix to the coursework.

Describe each user group and discuss the purposes for which they use the financial statements.

Your analysis should include:

  • A brief summary of the company.
  • Calculations of various ratios which will be used to analyse the company's performance over the years, choosing at least two from profitability, liquidity, and working capital and solvency ratio.
  • An analysis of each ratio calculated.
  • A summary of your findings in the conclusion.

Your assessment must contain an introduction and conclusion detailing the results of your analysis.  The word count should not exceed 10% of the total stipulated and students will be penalised for failure to keep to this.  The word count does not include reference/bibliography and appendices.

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