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Management in any business and organizational activity means the act to get people together and accomplish desired objectives and goals by using the resources in an effective and efficient manner. Other tasks comprised under management are organizing, planning, staffing, leading, controlling and directing an organization. Management can also be said to be an effort which is done for accomplishing a goal. The resourcing done during management comprises of deployment and manipulation of financial, technological, human and natural resources.

If we refer to organizations a systems, then management is defined as the human action which includes design for facilitating production of the useful outcomes from the system. The word manage has its origins in the Italian word migrate which means –to handle. The French word management also influenced the development of the English word management in the 17th and 18th century.

The primary aim and function of management in profit organizations is the satisfaction of stakeholders. This involves creating value products, making profits, lowering production costs and providing employment opportunities. In nonprofit organization, management focuses on keeping and uplifting faith of donors.

Some important managerial functions are:

1. Planning- To decide the future actions and generating necessary planning actions.
2. Organizing- It involves actual implementation of plans by making use of optimum amount of resources and developing relationship patterns among workers.
3. Staffing- It involves analyzing the jobs, recruiting and hiring.
4. Leading/directing- Involves determination of action plans for a specific situation and assigning responsibilities.
5. Motivation- It is also a basic function of management and helps the employees to work in a more efficient manner and helps them to contribute to other functions as well.

The basic roles a manager has to play are:

1. Interpersonal- Roles which involve interaction and coordination with employees.
2. Informational- Roles which involve handling, analyzing and sharing of information.
3. Decisional- The decision making roles.

The basic skills which are required by a manager are-

1. Political- Used for building power base and establishing connections.
2. Conceptual- Used for analyzing complex information.
3. Interpersonal- Used for communicating, mentoring, motivating and delegating.
4. Diagnostic- Used for visualizing the most appropriate response for a situation.

The subject of management is very intellectually exciting and by learning the subject you can start your own business or can also get managerial position in lower, middle or top levels in public and private sector enterprises. Knowledge of management helps in understanding team work, effectively managing people and employees. Motivating the employees and more effectively addressing their problems and grievances and boosting employee morale.

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