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Question- Assume market demand and supply are given by Qd = 100 - 2P and QS = 5 + 3P. If a price ceiling of $15 is imposed, a) there will be a surplus of

Question- 1) How much pollution do we get in the absence of pollution controls in the  private marketplace? Why? 2) How does the government decide on the

Question- "Why do consumers have to make tradeoffs in deciding what to consume? 1. They are limited by a budget constraint. 2. The prices of goods var

Question A period when output, income, and employment are rising is a) a recession. b) An expansion. c) A peak. d) A trough.

Question- Assume this year's money supply is 400billion, nominal GDP is 12 trillion,and real GDP is 6 trillion. Suppose the veliocity of money is constant a

Question- Consider the economy of the Kingdom of the North that produces creals and snowmen. Each industry employs White Walkers, but land is specific to th

Question  Consider a broom factory that permanently closes because of foreign competition. If the broom factory's workers cannot find new jobs because their

Question The market demand for a monopoly firm is estimated to be: Qd = 80,000 - 400P + 3M + 2000PR Where Q is output, P is price, M is income, and PR

Question- Suppose the own-price elasticity of demand for good X is -0.5, and that the price of good X increases by 10%. What would you expect to happen to t

Question Which is the most volatile component of GDP? a) Consumption b) Investment c) Government Spending d) Net Exports.

Question- 1. Explain the difference between a movement along the demand curve and a shift in demand. a) Explain the difference between a movement along t

Question- 1) Determine how global competition impacts my organization (STARBUCKS) 2) Should the organization(Starbucks)industry continue, expand, or redu

Question- A multiconcept restaurant incorporates two or more restaurants, typically chains, under one roof. Sharing facilities reduces costs of both real

Question- Pure competition seldom exists in the real world, yet we spent a week studying it. Was this week wasted? Why or why not? Find an article that deal

Question- Describe the effect of each of the following events on the demand or supply of gasoline in the USA. Further indicate the likely direction in the a

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