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Question If a product has a short-run elasticity of supply equal to zero, then an increase in the demand for the product will: have no effect on price or q

Question- a) You are asked to compare and contrast the estimated price elasticity of demand for fuel in two different countries, say the US and the UK. To d

Question- Consider the following price indexes: 90 in 2005, 100 in 2006, 110 in 2007, 121 in 2008, and 150 in 2009, answer the following questions. a) Wh

Question- Positive economics is an approach to economics that 1) seeks to understand behavior and the operation of systems without making judgements 2

Question- 1. George has been selling 5,000 T -shirts per month for $8.50. When he increased the price to $9.50, he sold only 4,000 T- shirts. What is the de

Question- At present Able Corporation has (in relative terms): Marginal Product of Labor = 30 Total Cost of Labor = 15 Marginal Product of Capital

Question When the price of a product increases, a consumer is able to buy less of it with a given money income. This describes: the cost effect the in

Question- In a hypothetical society, the government has decided to right the historic wrongs done to vertically challenged (i.e. short) people. Part of the

Question- What happened to the Leontief paradox when human capital embodied in U.S.exports was accounted for as a separate factor of production?

Question- The aggregate demand curve is: a)vertical if full employment exists. b)horizontal when there is considerable unemployment in the economy.

Question- Price leadership... a) is not useful to a dominant firm if it could eliminate all its rivals through a price war b) is an arrangement in w

Question- Business decisions that deal with the utilization of existing fixed plant and equipment facilities are related to a) long term decisions b)

Question- Traders are divided into 2 groups, sellers and buyers. Each seller sells one or no cars, and each buyer buys one or no cars. There are more buyers

Question- Suppose the Fed wishes to use monetary policy to close an expansionary gap. a) Should the Fed increase or decrease the money supply? b) If t

Question- The labor force consists of a) those employed plus those on temporary layoff. b) Those employed plus those unemployed. c) The working-age

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