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Question- A person lends $2000 for five years at 10% per annum simple interest; then the entire proceeds are invested for 10 years at 9% per year, compounde

Question The production function is Y = A ´ Ka ´ L1- a. If a = 0.3, and over the past year output grew 5 percent, capital grew 2 percent, and labor gr

Question Yesterday's newspaper reported the results of a study indicating that people who eat more bananas are more attractive to the opposite sex. What do

Question- 1) Sally is considering opening her own beauty salon. She anticipates the following costs per year: Furniture:            $20,000 Additional

Question- You purchased perpetuity that promises annual payments of $2. Your investment horizon is one year. You purchased console when interest rate was 5%

Question- Normative economics is an approach to economics that A) seeks to understand behavior and the operation of systems without making judgements

Question- Food stamps programs serve only to drive food prices higher, not increase the quantity of food available to the poor? What would the elasticity o

Question According to monetarists, the main source of the business cycle is a) Changes in the amount of money in the economy. b) Waves of optimism and

Question Suppose that more people want Orange Bowl tickets than the number of tickets available. Which of the subsequent statements is correct? a) There

Question- 1) An economist has predicted that for the next five years, USA will have an 8% annual inflation rate, followed by five years at 6% inflation rate

Question If you purchase a Ford Mondeo manufactured in Germany for $20,000 a) Consumption and net exports increases by $20,000 b) Consumption and ne

Question- Assume market demand and supply are given by Qd = 100 - 2P and QS = 5 + 3P. If a price ceiling of $15 is imposed, a) there will be a surplus of

Question- Hector and Maria Montez are trying to figure out their current financial health. They have listed the following items from their most recent state

Question Businesses demand funds because a) they prefer earlier consumption to later consumption. b) they have deficits to cover. c) they prefer to

Question  Consider a broom factory that permanently closes because of foreign competition. If the broom factory's workers cannot find new jobs because their

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