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Question- Oxygen at 300 kPa and 100 degrees C is in a piston, cylinder arrangement with an initial volume of 0.1 cubic meters. It is then compressed in a po

Question- Which of the subsequent statements about latchkey children is false? a) most suffer no ill effects form the experience b) they consistently

Question- A mule is pulled by forces 100lb 30 degrees North of West and 120lb 37 degrees south of west. Find the resultant force and direction. With graph s

Question- Unpolarized light of intensity So passes through two sheets of polarizing material whose transmission axes make an angle of 60° with each other

Question- Calculate the capacitance of a spherical shell capacitor given two plates one charged at +Q coulombs at a radius (a) from the center another plate

Question- The deuteron is a nucleus of "heavy hydrogen" consisting of one proton and one neutron. As a simple model for this nucleus, consider a single part

Question- Two large containers A and B of the same size are filled with different fluids. The fluids in containers A and B are maintained at 0 C and 100 C,

Decide the angular separation between first order maximum and the central maximum of diffraction example due to a single split of width 0.25mm

Question- Sirius is one of our nearest and brightest neighbors at a distance of 2065 pc. By a careful comparison of the spectral lines, a second star is kno

Question- a) Assume that the Universe is dust-dominated. Take H_0 = 100km s^-1 Mpc^-1. Give a rough estimate of the age of the Universe. b) How far can l

Question- A boat heading due North crosses a 168-m wide river with a speed of 10.0 km/h relative to the water.  The water in the river has a uniform speed

Question- A close organ pipe has a 5th harmonic frequency of 1230 Hz at 20 degrees Celsius. a) What is the length of the organ tube? b) What is the fi

Question- Which of the following is NOT a reason for animals forming groups? a) Protection b) Reproduction c) Competition d) Food gathering

Question- In the formation of a sedimentary rock, which of the subsequent must occur a) high temperature b) high pressure c) melting d) depositi

Question- The commonly accepted set of units today is the Systeme International (SI) in which the standard units of length, mass, and time are: a) Meter,

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