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Question- A boat crosses a river of width 171 m in which the current has a uniform speed of 1.51 m/s. The pilot maintains a bearing (i.e., the direction in

Question- Moment of inertia is a) scalar b) Tensor c) phasor d) vector

Question- A small block of mass 0.09 kg is placed against a compressed spring at the bottom of a frictionless track that slopes upward at an angle of 40* ab

Question- 1) The bulk modulus of a gas varies with pressure. In the case of the air, the bulk modulus of air is equal to 1.40 times its pressure. The atmosp

Status two conditions for sustained interference of light. Describe the difference of intensity with position in Young's double slit experiment.

Question- What is the electric field due to a long hollow copper tube carrying charge with density 15 'microCoulombs per meter, at a point outside the tube

Question- When doing a group exercise on intelligence: we discovered: 1. group exercises don't really change just because you all have the kind of intell

Question- A sky diver of mass 80.0kg (including parachute) jumps off a plane and begins her descent. Throughout this problem use 9.80m/s2 for the magnitu

Question- -A large bell is hung from a wooden beam so it can swing back and forth with negligible friction. The center of mass of the bell is 0.50m below th

Question- A solenoid is created by wrapping a L = 90 m long wire around a hollow tube of diameter D = 4.5 cm. The wire diameter is d = 0.9 mm. The solenoid

Question- Determine the mass of wire having a relative density of 8.77 which must be wrapped around a cork weighing 15 g in order that the cork shall just s

Question- 1. An engineer determined that the angle of elevation from his position to the top of a tower is 52┬░. He then measured the angle of elevation from

Question- Which of the subsequent is not one of the top three major dilemmas for adolescent women? 1). Social contradictions - mixed messages 2). Body

Question- Recognition of tobacco as a health hazard is a) not yet established by science. b) only true for people who smoke. c) one of the ten grea

Question- A photon with energy of 2.00 GeV creates a proton-antiproton pair in which the proton has a kinetic energy of 95.0 MeV. What is the kinetic energy

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