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Question- Which of these is a solution of ions in a polar solvent? 1. Petrol 2. Sea water 3. Water 4. Tar

Question- The average distance between the surface of the earth and the surface of the sun is 1.49 × 1011 m. How much time, in minutes, does it take for l

What do you appreciate by polarization of light? What are a plane of vibration and plane of polarization? Elucidate polarization (i) by scattering (ii) by re

Question- a) The time-independent Schrodinger equation for a free particle moving in one dimension (x) is written as (d^2 Psi(x) / dx^2) + k^2 Psi(x) = 0, w

Question- X rays are Bragg-diffracted from a cesium chloride crystal with interplanar spacing of 4.11 X 10^-10m In first order, the scattering 2q is 7.59

Describe polarizing angle. develop the relation connecting polarizing angle and refractive index of the average.

Question- When batteries are connected in series the voltage a) Remains the same. b) Decreases. c) Changes to current. d) Increases.

Question- Assuming a frictionless, massless, pulley, decide the acceleration of the blocks once they are released from rest. a) M+m/M-m)g b) M/(M+m)g

Question- A person standing on a horizontal floor feels two forces: the downward pull of gravity and the upward supported by the floor. These two forces:

Question- We want to find how many Coulombs of charge are on the electrons in a nickel coin. Follow this method. 1) A nickel coin has a mass of about 5.1

Question- A race driver makes a pit stop to refuel. After refuelling, he leaves the pit area with an acceleration of 6 m/s/s and after 4 s he enters the mai

Question- A plane leaves the airport in Galisto and flies a distance 170 km at an angle 68.0 degree east of north and then changes direction to fly a distan

Question- A force is applied to an object with a finite (non-zero) mass to accelerate it. The speed of the object increases until it is very close to the sp

Question- Lifting a load using a crowbar is made easier if  1. the ratio of load arm length to effort arm length is increased 2. the ratio of effort a

Question- One of the most important applications of fluid dynamics is in the design of airplane wings. In this SLP, we'll introduce some basic terminology a

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