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Question- Which of these is NOT a product of the reaction? 1. carbon dioxide 2. water 3. sodium acetate 4. sodium bicarbonate

Question- Any kind of a push or a pull on an object is: a) force b) vector c) scalar d) distance

Question- A moon orbits a planet of unknown mass with a period of 1.8 days. If the radius of the moon's orbit is 420,000,000 meters, find the mass of the pl

Question- A strategy for overcoming the obstacle of stress could include a) seeking emotional support. b) identifying sources of stress. c) finding

Question- Balancing of Reciprocating Engines: A single-cylinder enginer has a total mass of 150 kg. Its reciprocating mass is 5 kg and the rotating mass

Question- 1. Describe how the temperature difference between the poles and the equator drives the motion of the oceans and atmosphere. 2. What are the di

Question- 1. The coefficient of linear expansion of aluminum is 0.000023/C. A circular hole in an aluminum plate is 2.725 cm in diameter at 0C. What is the

Question- In an electrically heated home, the temperature of the ground in contact with a concrete basement wall is 12.0C. The temperature at the inside sur

Question- Select the three options which are NOT examples of quantities that could be modelled by exponential growth or decay. Options A) The number

Question- At standard Temperature and pressure sound travels at speed u=330m/s relative to the air through which it propagates. Four students A, B, C and

Question- 1. What happens to the rate of leaching with increase in temperature? 2. State some common problems of packed columns. 3. What types of towe

Question- A starbust galaxy like M82 drives a strong galactic wind made up of matter leaving the galaxy. Which events inside the galaxy drive these winds? W

Question- A boat crosses a river of width 171 m in which the current has a uniform speed of 1.51 m/s. The pilot maintains a bearing (i.e., the direction in

Question- A 42.0 Kg block of ice slides down a plane with an incline of 34 degree. Assuming the friction is negligible, what is the acceleration of the

Question- The rated speed of drum B of a belt sander is 2400 rpm. When the power is turned off it is observed that the sander coasts from its rated speed to

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