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Question- Newton's second law of motion can be written as: a) F = rt b) F=ma c) F = pgh d) F=dt

Question- Two pieces of steel wire with identical cross-sections have lengths of L and 2L. Each of the wires is fixed at both ends and stretched so that the

Question- A sky diver of mass 80.0kg (including parachute) jumps off a plane and begins her descent. Throughout this problem use 9.80m/s2 for the magnitu

Question- 1. A shuffle board table is 5 feet tall. A puck slides off the table at 2 m/s. How how long does it take to hit the ground? 2. A shuffle board

Question- The change in velocity divided by the time taken to make this change is: a) instant acceleration b) average acceleration c) average speed

Question- A soccer player kicks a ball at an initial speed of 11.0 m/s at an angle of 40.0 degrees to the ground. 1) How far will the ball travel horizon

Question- A fishing boat is drifting just above a school of tuna on a foggy day. Without warning, an engine backfire occurs on another boat d = 1.2 km away

Question- Which of these is NOT a solution?  a) Milk b) Clean air c) Sea water d) Soda water Question- Which of these words cannot be us

Question- Wellness is best defined as a) a static process. b) a dynamic process. c) one dimensional. d) unrelated to one's environment.

Question- A Storage tank of negligable mass and 30 m high is filled with gasoline. a) Calculate the gauge pressure and absolute pressure at the bottom of

Question- An alpha (a) particle is essentially a ___________ nucleus. a) Carbon-12 b) Uranium c) Hydrogen d) Plutonium e) Helium

Question- Given the subsequent data for a vertical curve of a road;G1=-2.5%,G2=+5.5% and station of PVI=250+50.At station 252+50,the vertical curve must int

Question- 1. What is the primary source of light pollution? 2. Why are reflector telescopes generally superior to refractor telescopes? 3. What space

Question- If a rock is volcanic extrusive igneous rock and dark in color, it is most likely: a) basalt b) dolerite c) granite d) aplite

Question- A square wire loop of size 2a × 2a lies in the xy-plane with the center at the origin and the sides parallel to the x- and y-axes. The wire carrie

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