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Question- Sound is caused by:  1. noise 2. wavelength 3. vibration 4. frequency

Question- a) What angle in radians is subtended by an arc 1.50 m in length on the circumference of a circle of radius 2.50 m? What is this angle in degrees?

Question- A rectangular pipe, running parallel to the z -axis (from −∞ to ∞), has three grounded metal sides, at y = 0, y = a, and x = 0.

Question- The average distance between the surface of the earth and the surface of the sun is 1.49 × 1011 m. How much time, in minutes, does it take for l

What do you appreciate by polarization of light? What are a plane of vibration and plane of polarization? Elucidate polarization (i) by scattering (ii) by re

Question- You are driving a car which has tire with diameter 1 m. If the tire r.p.m is 590, what is the speed of the car in km/h?

Question- Silicon has a density of 2.23 g/cm3 and an atomic mass of 28.09 g/mol. Calculate the number of atoms in a cubic centimetre of silicon? a) 6.0

Question- Describe the differences in the ring systems of Jupiter and Saturn. Why can we see Saturn's rings and not Jupiter's?

Question- A vertical electric field of magnitude 2.00*104N/C exists above the earths surface on a day when a thunderstorm is brewing a car with a rectangula

Question- What is the purpose and function of "power-of-ten" notation?

Question- 1. Why does a fusion reactor produce less waste than a fission reactor? 2. How many grams of 235U must undergo fission to operate a 1 GW power

Question- A student standing on a stationary skateboard tosses a textbook with a mass of mb = 1.55 kg to a friend standing in front of him. The student and

Question- Social bonds serve all of the following functions except: a) reassurance of one's worth. b) mentoring. c) feelings of belonging to a grou

Question- In a banked (21 degree) icy curved road, posted safe is speed is 54 km/h. What is the radius of curvature in meter?

Question- Skill Level I: You are an American exchange student planning to study in Florence, Italy, during the winter term. In preparation for your trip, yo

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