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Question- A double-slit experiment is set up using a helium-neon laser (λ=633nm). Then a very thin piece of glass (n=1.50) is placed over one of the slits.

Question- A mechanism that tips the bed of a dump truck. Decide the required speed of the hydraulic cylinder in order to tip the truck at a rate of 5 rad/mi

Question- All of the following are considered traits of a psychosocially healthy person except: a) agreeableness. b) introversion. c) conscientious

Question- Q1 What do you understand by the term durability? Compared to other considerations, how much importance should be given to durability in the desig

Question- 1. Romeo is on the roof of a building so as to be 20 m high. He spies Juliet standing directly below him at the front door clutching a clot

Question- Which of the following would be a good candidate for magnetic storage? a) A soft magnetic material b) Copper c) Aluminium d) Electrica

Question- In nuclear reactions: a) Small amounts of mass are converted to a large amount of energy b) Mass and energy are destroyed c) Large amo

Question- Why did Newton think there was a force acting on the moon? a) because the moon always keep one side toward the earth b) because the moon mov

Question- We have a long coaxial cable with an inner solid wire of radius a and outer metal shell of radius b. On the inner wire, the volume charge density

Question- The average thermal conductivity of the walls and roof of a house is 4.8 x 10"4 kW m"1°C~1 and their average thickness is 21.0 cm. The house is he

Question- The center of mass of three objects is located a (1,0). one object with a mass of 5.0 kg is at (-2,-1) and a second object with a mass of 2.0 kg i

Question- 1. Research on wisdom shows that; a) it is fairly common among adults b) expertise is m ore of a prediction of wisdom than is old age c)

Question- An object is 10 cm in front of a convergent lens that forms a real image 15 cm from the lens. The object is 2 cm high. a) Calculate the focal l

Question- Point A is situated at the bottom of a rough plane which is inclined at 45 degrees to the horizontal. A body of mass 0.5 kg is projected from A al

Question- Residents of Hawaii are warned of the approach of a tsunami by sirens mounted on the top of towers. Suppose a siren produces a sound that has an i

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