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Question- 1. An engineer determined that the angle of elevation from his position to the top of a tower is 52°. He then measured the angle of elevation from

Question- A hot air balloon contains 28 cu.cm of hot air in it. What is this volume expressed in cu. meters? [We come across several instances in our day to

Question- List the following in order of increasing length size of the Sun distance from the Sun to the Earth size of Jupiter distance to Jupite

Question- In a fusion reaction, reacting nuclei must collide. Collisions between two nuclei are difficult to achieve because the nuclei are a) Both neg

Question- Consider an alcohol and a mercury thermometer that read exactly 0°C at the ice point and 100°C at the steam point. The distance between the 2 poin

Question- 1. Write the following quantities in standard units. a) 0.66 Ms b) 3.5 km c) 27 mg d) 125 cm 2. Compute, in centimeters and meters,

Question- One of the slits of a double-slit experiment is wider than the other, so that the amplitude of the light reaching the central part of the screen f

Question- 1. Argon-37 decays via electron capture emission, which equation represents the balanced nuclear equation? a) 18Ar37 à -1e0 + 17Cl37 b) 18

Question- A man of mass 700kg stands in a lift on a set of weighing scales. The scale is calibrated in newtons. Assuming a value of 10N/kg for g, (a) Wha

Question- A frictionless inclined plane of length 20 m has a maximum vertical height of 5 m. If an object of mass 2 kg is placed on the plane, which of the

Question- Which will NOT transmit sound?  1. air 2. steel 3. space 4. water

Question- Let C be a differentiable curve contained in the portion 0 inferior or equal to x inferior or equal to 1 of the first quadrant, starting on the po

Question- Which of these is NOT a product of the reaction? 1. carbon dioxide 2. water 3. sodium acetate 4. sodium bicarbonate

Question- A bullet, of mass 20g, traveling at 350 m/s, strikes a steel plate at an angle of 30degrees with the plane of the plate. it ricochets off at the s

Question- Probability of a water molecule in its flexing ground state A water molecule can vibrate in various ways, but the easiest type of vibration t

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