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Question- While subsequent directions on a treasure map, a person walks 0.375 m/s south for 2 minutes, then turns and walks 7.50 m east. What is the magnitu

Question- 1. Kuhn's (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn-3rd ed.) perspective on scientific revolutions in terms of how it connects wi

Question- Two blocks of masses m1 =2 kg and m2 = 2 kg are connected by a string. One block (m1) slides on a table and the other (m2) hangs from the string,

Question- A metal bar with length L, mass m, and resistance R is placed on a frictionless metal rails that are inclined at an angle phi above the horizontal

Question- 0.25 moles of oxygen are place in a cylinder with a movable piston, at a pressure of 1.5 atm and a temp. of 50.C The diameter of the piston face i

Question- A disk, a hoop, and a sphere are released at the same time at the top of an inclined plane. They all roll without slipping. In what order do they

Question- The density of particles n is a suspension is found to go as n=n0e-lamdah, where lamda is a constant and h is the height. What is the value of l

Question- In a fusion reaction, reacting nuclei must collide. Collisions between two nuclei are difficult to achieve because the nuclei are a) Both neg

Question- A ship floats when it: a) displaces its own weight of water b) is not fully laden c) reaches the Plimsoll Line d) is made of steel

Question- Locate the centre of gravity of a homogeneous rod bent in the form of a semi-circular arc from A to B. The rod has a weight of 0.5 lb/ft and the r

Question- A wheel of radius 2.0 m is rotating with a constant angular speed of 3.0 rad/s. What is the centripetal acceleration of a point on the wheel's rim

Question- Electromagnetic waves, with frequencies ranging from 4.00 x 10^14 Hz to 9.00 x 10^16 Hz, are incident on an aluminium is 4.28 eV, find (a) the max

Question- 1. Explain clearly the fabrication steps involved in the fabrication of Organic LED. 2. Compare the brightness of OLED quantitatively with semi

Question- A jet catapult on an aircraft carrier accelerates a 20000 kg plane uniformly from rest over a distance of 50.0 meters (for 2 seconds) to launch spe

Question- A mule is pulled by forces 100lb 30 degrees North of West and 120lb 37 degrees south of west. Find the resultant force and direction. With graph s

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