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Question- 1- Spy balloon is to be constructed of a material with a mass of 0.5kg. it will be filled with helium and must be able to carry and instrument pay

Question- Imagine a 560 kg satellite in a circular orbit around the earth with a period of 4.8 hours. a) Determine the height of the satellite above the

Question- You are standing on a balcony 30 feet off the ground. You want to throw your key to someone on the ground. You throw it angled upward with initial

Question- The thermal characteristics of an engine are being monitored on a dynamometer. Analysis of the coolant water shows that after 30 minutes the engin

Question- A single-phase transformer is rated 100kVA, 2200:440 volts. When carrying rated current with the low voltage terminals short-circuited, the input

Question- A dedicated sports-car enthusiast polishes the inside and outside surfaces of a hubcap that is a section of a sphere. When she looks into one side

Question- A vector V that lies in a particular plane can be expressed as the some of two other vectors usually chosen to be along two perpendicular direct

Question- Write a temperature conversion program in Java that converts from Fahrenheit to Celsius. The Fahrenheit temperature should be entered from the key

Question- The nodes of a standing wave are points at which the displacement of the wave is zero at all times. Nodes are important for matching boundary cond

Question- Uranium has two naturally occuring isotopes. 238U has a natural abunchance of 99.3% and 235U has an abundance of 0.7%. It is the rarer 235U that i

Question- The second law of thermodynamics is often cited as a reason that biological evolution is not possible. What types of assumptions lead to this conc

Question- Rectifiers are used to convert a) low voltage to high voltage b) high voltage to low voltage c) Direct current to Alternating current

Question- New plastics are being created from corn and soybeans and these plastics break down when exposed to air and water. In what ways will the environme

Question- A satellite is initially in circular orbit at radius R about a planet of mass M. We wish to transfer it to a new circular orbit at radius 2R, usin

Question- A boy and a girl are balanced on a massless seesaw. The boy has a mass of 75 kg and the girl's mass is 50 kg. If the boy sits 2.0 m from the pivot

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