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Question A book whose mass is 2 kg rests on a table. Find the magnitude of the normal force exerted by the table on the book. a) 30 N b) 10 N c) 20

Question- 1. The major health related components of physical fitness include a) cardiorespiratory fitness. b) muscular strength and endurance. c) b

Status Huygens principle. For reflection of plane wavefront at a plane reflecting surface, create the corresponding reflected wavefront. Using this graph prove

Question- Laser eye surgery is carried out by delivering highly intense bursts of energy using electromagnetic waves. A typical laser used in such surgery h

Question- A pulley of moment of inertia I and radius r is fixed to a wall. A rope is wrapped around it and tied to a block of mass m. The block is initially

Question- You are driving a car which has tire with diameter 1 m. If the tire r.p.m is 590, what is the speed of the car in km/h?

Question- One of the slits of a double-slit experiment is wider than the other, so that the amplitude of the light reaching the central part of the screen f

Question- (1) You have a large triangular prism made of silica (ns = 1.45) resting on a table. The internal angles of the triangle are 90 degree and 45 degr

Question- The commonly accepted set of units today is the Systeme International (SI) in which the standard units of length, mass, and time are: a) Meter,

Question- Wellness is best defined as a) a static process. b) a dynamic process. c) one dimensional. d) unrelated to one's environment.

Question- A bullet, of mass 20g, traveling at 350 m/s, strikes a steel plate at an angle of 30degrees with the plane of the plate. it ricochets off at the s

Question- Two dust particles each of mass 13 ug (10^-6) are floating on a gentle stream of air. what (equal) positive charge would each dust particle have t

Question- You are standing on a balcony 30 feet off the ground. You want to throw your key to someone on the ground. You throw it angled upward with initial

Question- 1. The five brightest planets always remain close to the ecliptic in the sky. List these five planets from brightest to dimmest. 2. Two of the

Question- 1. What volume of foam (lifevest) with a given density will be needed to keep a person, with a given mass and density, 1/3 out of the water? 2.

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