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Question- The force of gravity on an object is called its: a) mass b) weight c) volume d) area

Question- What is the relationship between color and wavelength for light? a) Wavelength increases from violet to yellow-green, then decreases again to r

Question- 1. If 200 volts are put across a 300-loop transformer's primary coil: a) What will be the voltage output if the secondary coil had 750 loops?

Question- Why does the handle of a metal spoon submerged in boiling soup feel hot? 1) From the soup is transferred through the spoon by convection 2)

Question- General conceptual physics water pressure / weight density, g A cylinder conatiner has a couple of holes punched into the bottom of it and th

Question- If 1500lb of air is pumped into a previously empty 900ft^3 storage tank and the air temperature in the tank is uniformly 70 F, what is the air pre

Question- Everybody continues in its state of rest or of uniform speed in a straight line unless acted upon by a nonzero net force is: a) Newton's zero

Question- Assuming the density of seawater is 1.03 g/cm3, find the total weight of water on top of a nuclear submarine at a depth of 185 m if its (horizonta

Question- The inverse square law has very practical applications. a) If the exposure at d=30 cm from a point source is 1R, what is the exposure at d=5c f

Question- The input field size diameter imaged on the 2.3 cm diameter output phosphor of an XRII is changed from 23 cm to 13 cm. What will be the change in

Question- "Diffraction also occurs with sound waves. Consider 1600 Hz sound waves diffracted by a door that is 79 cm wide. What is the angle between the two

Question- The planet Mercury has a mass that is 5.00% of that of Earth, and its gravitational acceleration is gmercury = 3.70 m/s2. From what height would y

Question- Properties of Waves and Simple Harmonic Motion 1) Explain in your own words: a) How is simple harmonic oscillation defined? b) What is de

Question- An electric motor lifts an elevator car at the constant speed of 2 [m/s] . The power consumed by the motor to perform this task is 40000 [W] .

Question- What is the difference between natural selection and ecological succession? What are the first and second laws of thermodynamics? How do these

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