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Question- The human eye can detect as few as three photons of 5.5X10^-7m light arriving together. How much energy do these three photons collectively repres

Question- 1. An electron drops from the L shell to the K shell and gives off an X-ray with a wavelength of 0.0205 nm. What is the atomic number of this atom

Question- A tree limb breaks off and comes to rest across a barbed wire fence at a point that is not in the middle between two fence posts. The limb exerts

Question- Assuming that the specific heat of the body is 1 cal g^-1 degrees C^-1, 1) Plot the approximate temperature rise as a function of whole body do

Question- When astronomers use the parallax method to measure distances to inaccessible objects, background object play a key role. What role do the backgro

Question- PLanet Z is 10,000km in diameter. The free fall acceleration on Planet Z is 8.0m/s^2? What is the mass of Planet Z?

Question- To change the motion of an object: 1. a force must be applied. 2. an engine is required. 3. friction is required. 4. gravity is requir

Question- A plane leaves the airport in Galisto and flies a distance 170 km at an angle 68.0 degree east of north and then changes direction to fly a distan

Question- A car of mass 1600 kg travelling at 24 m/s is at the foot of a hill that rises 120 m in 3.4 km. At the top of the hill, the speed of the car is 14

Question- Which material would have the strongest compressive strength? a) egg shell b) a ream of paper c) pile of dry sand d) rope v)shopping b

Question- A helium-neon laser gives off red light with a wavelength of 632.8 nm (nanometers). What is the energy of the photons coming out of the laser?

Question- 1. In what circumstances can the angular velocity of system of particles change without any change in the system's angular momentum? 1) This can

Question- A mild steel pipe of 50 mm inside diameter and 2 mm wall thickness carries hot water under pressure at a temperature of 120 C, whilst ambient temp

Question- Junior high studetn needs help with understanding concept behind grvaity. Help with following basic questions in simple terms please. 1) Imagin

Question- The commonly accepted set of units today is the Systeme International (SI) in which the standard units of length, mass, and time are: a) Meter,

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