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Question- A person moves 30m north, then 20m east and then 30 H (square root 2) m 45 degrees south of west. His displacement from the original position is

Question- a) Assume that the Universe is dust-dominated. Take H_0 = 100km s^-1 Mpc^-1. Give a rough estimate of the age of the Universe. b) How far can l

Question- Given two guitar strings' lengths and relative densities, find information about their frequencies and tensions. The thinnest string on a certa

Describe a graph presentation variation of intensity of polarized light transmitted via an analyzer ?

Question- The human eye can detect as few as three photons of 5.5X10^-7m light arriving together. How much energy do these three photons collectively repres

Question- A 16 g rifle bullet travelling 150 m/s buries itself in a 4.0 kg pendulum hanging on a 3.3 m long string, which makes the pendulum swing upward in

Question- 1. What happens to the rate of leaching with increase in temperature? 2. State some common problems of packed columns. 3. What types of towe

Question- The center of mass of three objects is located a (1,0). one object with a mass of 5.0 kg is at (-2,-1) and a second object with a mass of 2.0 kg i

Question- Solar eclipse will take place when a) the moon is between the sun and the earth b) the sun is between the moon and the earth c) the earth

Question- What is the closest temperature of a black body emitting 1450 W/sq.m? 1) 1000 deg C. 2) 100 deg C. 3) 10 deg C. 4) 1 deg C.

Question- The kinetic theory of matter: a) is used to explain the physical behaviour of matter. b) is used to explain the chemical behaviour of matter

Question- An object of mass 3m, initially at rest, explodes breaking into two fragments of mass m and 2m, respectively. Which one of the following statement

Question- Which radioactive emanations have a charge of -1? 1. Neutrons 2. Gamma rays 3. Alpha particles 4. Beta particles 5. None of the a

Question- A charged object is able to attract 1) only charged objects 2) neutral objects and neutral particles 3) neutral objects but not neutral p

Question- Drawing on Eratosthenes' method, if two observers are due north and south of each other and are separated by 400 km, what is the circumference of

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