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Question- A small block of mass 0.09 kg is placed against a compressed spring at the bottom of a frictionless track that slopes upward at an angle of 40* ab

Question- -A large bell is hung from a wooden beam so it can swing back and forth with negligible friction. The center of mass of the bell is 0.50m below th

Question- Consider the subsequent systems: I) water behind a dam; II) a swinging pendulum; III) an apple on an apple tree; IV) the space shuttle

Question- Identify the vector quantity from the following a) Heat b) Angular momentum c) Time d) Work

Question- An object of mass 3m, initially at rest, explodes breaking into two fragments of mass m and 2m, respectively. Which one of the following statement

Question- A jug contains 1 kg of water at 200 degrees Celsius. How much ice at 0 degrees Celsius should be added to the jug of water so that all of the ice

Question- Materials that allow the flow of electrons are called:  1. electrons 2. conductors 3. voltage 4. insulators

Question- The photon fluence rate is 10^7 photons mm^-2 sec^-1 for a beam of gamma rays. One fourth of the photons have energies of 100keV, one half have en

Question- Use the de-Broglie relations to compute the wavelengths and frequencies associated with a) a photon with energy of 1keV b) a ball of mass 10

Question- The distance covered by an aerial photograph is determined by both the focal length of the camera and the tilt of the camera. Though the tilt is u

Question- You play American Roulette You play 100 times betting $100 on Black What is the probability of winning at least 1000? What is the probabi

Question- How do we calculate or determine the distances to stars? What units do we use and what are the limitations (if any) of the method used for such ca

Question- A steel wire of length 2.06 m with circular cross section must stretch no more than 0.290 cm when a tensile force of 350 N is applied to each end

Chapter 1: Pressure and Pascal's Principle 1. Magician trick. The magician lies on bed of nails and a sledge hammer is utilized to pound on an anvil on he

Question- If 1500lb of air is pumped into a previously empty 900ft^3 storage tank and the air temperature in the tank is uniformly 70 F, what is the air pre

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