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Question- Two identical masses are attached by a light string that passes over a small pulley. One of the masses rest on a flat table top while the other

Question- 1. Why won't the Sun become a supernova or black hole? 2. Why does the existence of the cosmic redshift lead to the big bang picture of the uni

Question- Everybody continues in its state of rest or of uniform speed in a straight line unless acted upon by a nonzero net force is: a) Newton's zero

Question- Solve the following problems in the space provided. Show your work. Write equations in symbolic form before making numerical substitutions, and in

Question- Volume and temperature are directly proportional. If T is plotted in Celcuis, what is the temperature when the volume is negligible? A) O B)

Question- How can electric potential and current be determined? What does it mean to have a 9 volt battery? How can voltage be measured?

Question- A projectile is launched from the surface of a planet (mass M, radius R) with a launch speed equal to 61 percent of the escape speed for that plan

Question- Assume that a 2400 ton (1 ton=2000 lbs) battleship with a length and width (approximated as a rectangle) of 110x12 meters is made out of just stee

Question- Normal force means: a) parallel b) tangent c) perpendicular d) weight

What is the proportion of fringe width of bright and dark fringes in Young's double slit test ?

When two narrow slits 2mm apart are light up by a light of wavelength 5000 A 0 the third minima is measured to be 0.5mm from the middle maxima on a screen. Wha

Question- NASA sends satellites to Mars by placing the satellite in a Keplerian orbit (around the sun) such that the perihelion is at the radius of the Ea

Question- A particle with mass m is confined inside of a spherical cavity of radius ro. The Potential is spherically symmetric and can be written in the for

Question- 1. At room temperature (23C), a metal ball just fits through a metal ring. 2. If the ball is heated up 50 degrees (change in temperature is 50

Question- A telephoto camera objective consists of a thin positive lens of 10 inches focal length followed at a distance of 5 inches by a thin negative lens

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