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Question- Properties of Waves and Simple Harmonic Motion 1) Explain in your own words: a) How is simple harmonic oscillation defined? b) What is de

Question- A rigid tank contains 0.40 mol of oxygen (02). Determine the mass (in kg) of oxygen that must be withdrawn from the tank to lower the pressure of

Question- A 1.00g of sample of Ge decays to 0.87 in 1.9hr. What is the half-life of Ge? a) 1.4 x 10(exponent 1)hr b) 9.5 hr c) 1.1 x 10(exponent ne

Question- Understanding capacitors and inductors 1) If caps block dc what is the purpose of a cap in a dc circuit? 2) What does an inductor do in a dc

Question- 1. A spring is compressed 10 cm by pushing a body against it. When released the spring pushes the body towards another identical spring. The body

Question- Assume two boxes on a frictionless table are connected by a heavy cord of mass 1.0 kg. Compute the acceleration (magnitude) of each box and the te

Question- Light of wavelength 1900 A is incident on a nickel surface (work function 4.9 eV) 1) Calculate the stopping potential 2) What is the cutoff

Question- Write a paper that describes current trends in business communication. I have to address the following questions in your paper: a) What role do

Question- 1. A uniform rope of mass m and length L hangs from a ceiling. a) Show that the speed of a transverse wave in the rope is a function of y, the

Question- 1. If the Mid-Atlantic Ridge opens up at the rate of 5 centimeters per year, how much farther apart will Paris and New York be in 1,000 years (sho

Question 1. How the lifestyle of Homo habilis is different from earlier hominids? 2. Zhoukoudian is located in which country was inhabited by which speci

Question- A 2000 kg plane equally accelerates from rest to a launch speed of 300 km/h in 2.0 s. Describe the magnitude of the net force on the plane? Qu

Question- Pocket ionization chambers are built in the form of an electrical capacitor. You know that capacitance is equal to a change in charge over a chang

Question- Suppose the early universe was composed only of Helium instead of Hydrogen. a) Estimate the temperature of CMB when Helium recombination occure

Question- Consider a parallel-plate capacitor having a separation of d=0.1mm and a capacitance of Co=11nF when having a vacuum between its plates. If the re

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