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Question- 1. A person who is psychologically hardy a) is definitely a Type B personality. b) displays little control over situations. c) accepts re

Question- The standard kilogram is a platinum-iridium cylinder 39.0mm in height and 39.0mm in diameter. What is the density of the material?

Question- A velocity vector, 4m/s has an angle 30 degree with x axis and another velocity vector 14 m/s, has an angle 90 degree with x axis. What is the res

Question- This experiment was designed to understand the absorption of heat. Equipment Setup 1 glass container 4 sheets of acetate paper Thermom

Question- Which one of the following statements concerning diodes is false? a) A diode is fabricated by forming junctions between one n-type and two p-

Question- Imagine that you have two identical neutral metal spheres on insulating stands and a charged rubber rod. Using diagrams, carefully describe a step

Decide the angular separation between first order maximum and the central maximum of diffraction example due to a single split of width 0.25mm

Question Which one of the subsequent is part of the official money supply in the United States?  a) Federal Reserve Notes  b) Gold bars.  c) Commo

Question- A violin string has a length of 0.350 m and is tuned to concert A, with frequency of A = 440 Hz. Where must the violinist place her finger to play

Bubbles of a colourless soap explanation appear colored inside sun light.Why ?

Question- When the frequency of an ac circuit is increased at constant voltage, the current increases and then decreases. Which combination of elements is

Question- You purchase a rectangular piece of metal that has dimensions 5.00 mm x 15.0 mm x 30.0 mm and mass 1.90×10-2 kg. The seller tells you that the met

Question- An open plastic soda bottle with an opening diameter of 2.4 cm is placed on a table. A uniform 1.55-T magnetic field directed upward and oriented

Question- Please assist in understanding these problems: a) If the temperature on the surface over land is 310 K, and the temperature at 0.5 km is 305 K,

Question- a) An aluminum plate has a length of 0.12 m and a width of 0.10 m at 25 degrees Celsius. The plate is uniformly heated to 225 degrees Celsius. If

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