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Term Paper - A Term paper, also known as ‘Research’ paper is written by students, primarily as a documentation of intelligent reading on a particular topic.

A Term paper is written to describe a concept, an event, or argue a point. It is an original work discussing a subject in detail. It is usually lengthy and has to be submitted at the end of a semester.

The Term paper procedure consists of the following steps -

1. Topic Selection
2. Resources
3. Notes
4. Paper Outline
5. First draft
6. Editing the paper

A Term paper is written on these subjects on any given topic - Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management, & Business studies etc.

Term Paper Problems – The most common problem of students about term paper is that they have to write about a topic that they do not much about and within a time limit. Writing a term paper requires hours & days of research, collecting resources, & making notes etc-etc. So, it all makes very stressful for a student who is already lagging behind the time for their other academic activities.

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